Provider Web Portal

The provider portal allows providers to apply and renew online, submit courses for approval, enter course schedules, and upload credit banking rosters. Its e-commerce component automatically calculates the appropriate fees and accepts online payments.  The portal uses secure connection (SSL-based), supports user ID and password login functionality, and validates all submitted data to maintain current and accurate information. The self-reported course completions can be automatically processed and transmitted to any certification management system for education compliance tracking.

Provider Portal Highlights

  • Branded with your logo and banner
  • Configurable instructions and alerts
  • Context-sensitive navigation

Standard Online Services

  • Secure login and password assistance
  • Self-registration with duplicate prevention
  • Profile overview and update

Provider-specific functions

  • Provider approval and renewal
  • Course approval and renewal
  • Submit course offerings
  • Credit banking


Application Submission and Management

The application module offers an organization the ability to complete an online form and pay fees as a means to initiate an application process. Following applications come standard with the system and are configured to match your data collection needs. Additional applications specific to your workflow can be easily added.

  • Initial provider approval application
  • Provider renewal application
  • Course approval application
  • Course renewal application

For each application, the system collects and stores all the required information and queues it for staff review. The administrative interface allows staff to quickly list all the pending applications and locate any application using the applicant's name, email, or application id. If additional information is required for approval, staff can mark the application as deficient and add their comments. When staff is ready to approve the application, they just press the approval button. The system automatically sets the status and appropriate dates related to that applicant based on your business rules. The applicant is kept informed via email at all times. 

Application Highlights

  • Wizard-style step-by-step screens
  • Input validated for completion and accuracy
  • Fee calculated as per your business rules
  • Review and confirm screen before checkout
  • Save incomplete app and resume later


  • List or count apps at any level with one-click
  • Review app details and add comments
  • Personalized, configurable emails
  • Generate Word mail-merge documents
  • Status and dates automatically set on approval


Course Offering and Catalog Functionality

The course offering module provides the ability for providers with approved courses to set-up course offerings (date and location schedule). This schedule is then used to populate a searchable public-facing online course catalog. Course offerings are also used to report course completions (credit banking). The administrators have the ability to add, remove, inactivate and/or reactivate a course offering for any reason.

Course Offering Highlights

  • Add unlimited date and location records
  • Add multiple offerings for same location
  • Mark course as continuous (online) or one-time
  • Mark offering as public or private
  • Offering dates can be restricted to course active period
  • Offering duration can be validated to not be less than approved hours

Course Catalog

  • Ability to search courses by provider and category
  • Ability to find course offerings by date range and area
  • Export course and offering data


Course Completion Reporting

This module allows approved course providers to report course completions against established course offerings by creating either via manual-input or through a standard format file upload process. The data from these reports can then be automatically transferred in the method (web service, ftp etc) and format (csv, xml etc) of your choice to facilitate integration with your certification or license management system and track compliance.

Each batch is subjected through numerous validation rules to ensure data integrity and accuracy. Invalid data is tagged with appropriate error messages and a status report of the batch if presented to the provider for confirmation. The provider can either edit the batch to correct the erroneous entries or tell the system to continue and process only valid entries. The module also supports the ability to charge fee based on the course hours and number of records in the batch. The module supports the option to charge fees for each reported batch based on course hours, count of valid records, and/or any other set of parameters and rules.

Completion Reporting Highlights

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Manual-entry and file-based reporting option
  • Report on multiple offerings in one batch
  • Robust error detection
  • Ability to edit a batch
  • Fee computed based on your policies


  • Real-time ID/Name verification with your credentialing database
  • Automatic transmission of valid entries in your CE tracking system
  • Status report emailed to provider after transmission


Fee and Payment Processing

The finance module provides the ability to track fee for any transaction by distinct fee types. For example, the fee for a course approval application could include the application fee and per-credit fee. The assessment of applicable fee can be configured using fee rules, where you can specify eligibility criteria and formula for the fee amount. To handle exceptions, the administrative interface gives staff the control to modify or waive the fee assessment on any transaction.

Payment for one or more transactions is done using a shopping-cart type checkout interface. The interface allows processing and/or tracking of payment information via credit card, ACH (E-check), or any other configured payment methods. The system automatically processes the credit card and ACH payments using any of the leading payment gateways such as Payflow Pro, Authorize.NET, and ACI (formerly ORCC) and sends the receipts via email. Users can also reprint the receipts through their portal access.

The comprehensive set of standard financial reports allows you to list, summarize, and export financial transactions by date range, fee type, payment method, source, and other related fields. While these reports are generally sufficient for revenue analysis and bank reconciliation, you do have the ability to use the module's general-purpose query engine to create your own custom reports and save those reports for re-use.

Financial Module Highlights

  • Track fee by fee type
  • Configurable fee items, amounts, and business rules
  • Option to pay multiple transactions with one payment
  • Adjust or waive fee for any transaction
  • Issue credits and refunds
  • Support for discount and coupon codes

Payment Processing

  • Accept credit cards and E-checks (ACH)
  • Allow storage of funding sources
  • PCI compliant
  • Integration with all major payment gateways


  • List or summarize transactions by fee type, date range, and payment method etc.
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Pending dues report
  • General ledger report


Administration Interface

The administrative interface allows access to all data and functions of the system. The dashboard presents a summary of all the pending activities that may require staff attention. The search and navigation allows staff to quickly locate any profile or activity and make updates. System automatically keeps track of all the changes and who made them. The system automatically sends provider and course renewal reminder emails specified number of days before their renewal date. If provider does not renew by the renewal date, the system automatically sets the status to inactive.

Administrative Interface Highlights

  • All portal functions with additional staff-only options
  • Dashboard shows pending activities and trends
  • Content-sensitive navigation menu
  • Lookup any profile or activity
  • Login as any portal user with one click
  • Create filters and run reports
  • Run batch processes

Manage Profile and Related Activity

  • Add/update profiles and activities
  • Setup instructions and email text
  • View change log
  • Maintain lookup lists
  • Support of role-based permissions


  • Send 1st and 2nd renewal reminder emails
  • Update status to inactive if not renewed
  • Exchange data with other systems via FTP and web services


Hosting and Support

Our hosting and support services are offered through our private cloud with the goals of complete data security, redundancy, and high availability. The cloud consists of top-of-the-line Intel servers with SQL-server databases and hosted at a LEED certified Type II data-center located in the United States. The data center facility is secured with high-end surveillance equipment, security guards, visitor logs and biometric recognition. The servers are protected by our firewall and intrusion detection systems and support load-balancing and clustering options to handle any high-traffic demands. The system is backed up on multiple targets using multiple methods and monitored 24x7 by our data-center support team.

Our extremely-high client retention rate is a testimonial of our commitment to top-notch and timely customer support. At the onset, you get assigned a dedicated account manager who participates in all meetings and helps meet the established milestones and implementation deadlines. Once the system is launched, the account manager who is the primary contact works with the entire Cyzap staff to handle support requests.

Please note that all our client-systems utilize their own databases and resources. Architectural boundaries ensure their data can never intermingle or interfere. However, if you wish for a completely independent system then we also offer the option to setup your own private cloud for hosting that system.

Hosting Highlights

  • Secure private cloud located at the state-of-the-art data center
  • High-performance in-house managed Intel servers
  • Real-time intrusion detection and load-monitoring
  • Redundant backups
  • Clustering and load-balancing support
  • Option to setup your own private cloud

Customer Support

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager familiar with your business rules
  • US-based support team
  • Regular and proactive system maintenance
  • Work order system to track all communications
  • Experienced development team to handle any change requests